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The Nasdaq's Risky Bet: Could Tokenizing Real World Assets Pay Off?

Guest: Dr. Merav Ozair

In this video, we discuss the Nasdaq article "What Tokenization Is and How It Can Unlock Illiquid and Opaque Markets." Learn how tokenization is revolutionizing the world of finance by transforming the way we interact with traditionally illiquid and opaque markets. We'll cover: What tokenization is and how it works The benefits of tokenization, including increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and reduced costs Real-world examples of tokenization in action across various industries such as real estate, art, and collectibles Don't miss this fascinating look at the potential of tokenization to create new investment opportunities and reshape the financial landscape. Subscribe to our channel for more insights on innovative financial technologies and trends!

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Tokenized Insider (by SmartBlocks)
Tokenized Insider (by SmartBlocks)
Mark Fidelman